Seven Yoga Meditation

Seven Yoga™ is a mentally based meditation practice that expands consciousness by teaching how to use intuition to master three stages of knowing or awareness. Developed by Robert Taylor, this technique is based on Zen Buddhism with references to Eschatology.

Seven Yoga™ classes are held twice a month on Tuesday evenings in West LA. The course fee is $30 per class.

  • In advance of each class, students prepare by studying lessons, dialogues, and tenets of Seven Yoga™.
  • During the first 30 minutes of every class, students read and discuss the lessons with authorized Seven Yoga™ instructor Ken Klee.
  • The second 30 minutes is devoted to meditation to expand consciousness.
  • At the close of class, an individualized homework meditation topic is selected for each student.


To gain access to the Seven Yoga™ lessons and a current course schedule, please email Ken Klee at [email protected]

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