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Seven Yoga

**Unlock the Power of Your Mind with Seven Yoga™ Meditation!**

🌈 **Embark on a Journey of Profound Mental and Spiritual Transformation!** 🌈

🧘 **Introducing Seven Yoga™** 🧘

Developed by the insightful Robert Taylor, Seven Yoga™ is a groundbreaking meditation practice that seamlessly blends the serene wisdom of Zen Buddhism with intriguing elements of Eschatology, guiding you through a transformative journey of mental and spiritual enlightenment.

🌱 **Three Stages of Profound Knowing** 🌱
- **Stage 1:** Cultivate an intuitive understanding of your inner self and the universe.
- **Stage 2:** Harness the power of this newfound intuition to navigate through life’s complexities.
- **Stage 3:** Achieve a state of heightened awareness and consciousness, unlocking a world where every moment is lived deeply and meaningfully.


Access a searchable archive of years of meditations to support you in cultivating your self awareness.