$1,111.00 USD

Beyonder: Full Series Workshop

Beyonder Full Series:

This is an opportunity to commit to the full initiation of the Beyonder Series courses. 

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey that will unlock the depths of your inner power? The Full Beyonder Series is a comprehensive course designed to guide you through a profound exploration of the 12 empowerments, energy healing, Ensofic consciousness, the golden pathway, The diamond body, the God Eye and so much more. 

Throughout this series, you will embark on an extraordinary quest to tap into the limitless reservoir of your divine essence. Each module delves into a specific aspect of spiritual growth, providing you with the knowledge, tools, and practices to accelerate your evolution.

With the 12 empowerments, you will unlock hidden potentials within yourself, amplifying your connection to the universal energy that flows through all creation. Energy healing techniques will empower you to heal yourself and others, facilitating balance, harmony, and well-being.

The exploration of Ensofic consciousness will open your awareness to the infinite possibilities of existence, allowing you to transcend limitations and embrace your true nature as a divine being. As you traverse the golden pathway, you will embark on a sacred journey of self-discovery, connecting with ancient wisdom and unlocking profound insights.

The Full Beyonder Series is not merely a course but a sacred invitation to step into your fullest potential. Led by experienced and knowledgeable Ken Klee, you will be guided with care and support as you navigate these profound teachings.


What You'll Receive: 

- Lifetime access to the online  Beyonder Series: Workshops 1-6 

- Community support and journal prompts to assist with integrating these powerful downloads