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Introduction to Tarot: Workshop I

In this workshop, Ken Klee, will lead you through the Rider Tarot deck. You will be introduced to the Major Arcana and their correlating astrological, Kabbalistic, and alchemic designs.  

Tarot is an infinitely fascinating and complex world. With roots in Jewish Kabbalah, Alchemy, and Astrology, the path of Tarot reading doesn't solely deal with interpreting future events. In truth, beginning a relationship with Tarot sparks an intimate and powerful relationship with yourself - your intuition. Join Ken Klee and allow yourself to open to the deep and powerful knowing that the Major Arcana Tarot Keys can manifest within you.

What you'll receive:

  • Lifetime access to the four-part workshop series
  • Materials designed to educate and enrich you and your relationship with the Rider Tarot
* We highly recommend obtaining a traditional Rider Tarot deck before you begin traversing the workshop 
(available online through this link)

** For this workshop, it is sufficient to purchase the Major Arcana Tarot Keys,
but you will need the Minor Arcana Tarot Keys for Introduction to Tarot Workshop II.


This is a two-part workshop series, Introduction to Tarot Workshop II is available in the Course Library along with an option to purchase both workshops together for a discounted price.