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Beyonder 7: Workshop


**🌟Elevate, empower, and ignite with the next step in the Beyonder journey. 🌟**

Embark on a transformative journey with Beyonder Level 7. Building upon the foundation set by previous levels, Beyonder 7 offers an even more in-depth exploration into self-awareness, empowerment, and spiritual growth. This course is a holistic blend of ancient wisdom and advanced healing techniques designed to elevate your spirit and enhance your innate abilities.

**Course Overview**:

- **Deepened Higher-Self Anchoring**: Solidify your connection to your higher self, ensuring clarity of guidance and the ability to discern truth from a higher perspective.

- **Beyonder Empowerments**: Take the 12 empowerments from previous levels to new heights, from personal grid empowerment to the empowerment of oneness. These are tools that will let you hold more light, leading to increased energy, protection, and the power to manifest in the world.

- **Fire Crown Activation**: Delve into the realm of the Fire Body, reversing and fine-tuning your DNA's energy flows, ultimately leading to the ignition of your Fire Crown with the Legion of Ensofic Dragons.

- **Beyonder Table Work**: Gain advanced techniques to perform energy healing, not just on yourself but also on clients, enhancing the power and efficacy of each session.

**Included in this Course**:

- Comprehensive course material and instructions
- Access to detailed prompts to guide your journey
- Lifetime access to all course content and future updates

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The time is now. Equip yourself with the profound knowledge, skills, and empowerments that Beyonder Level 7 has to offer.

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