"All We are is Vibration"

Kenneth Klee, Esq.

Ken Klee is a well-known lawyer and professor of law who, beginning in 1997, has studied and practiced meditation, prayer, and energy healing techniques and modalities including but not limited to Seven Yoga™, Norri® healing, Reference Point Therapy, The Radiance Technique®, Pulsors®, Beyonder, Tree of Life Healing, Sedona Method, N.E.T., and Crystal layouts.

The theory of most of these modalities is that the human has energy fields that can be affected by subtle energies or through meditation and prayer.

Klee Ministry is a California non-profit religious corporation that holds meetings and services at which some or all of these modalities are studied, taught, or administered to people of their own free will. The meditation, prayer, or energy treatments you will receive are not licensed by the State and are alternative or complementary to healing arts services licensed by California.

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