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Norri Golden Wiring & Energy Machines

Dive into the intricate world of golden wiring within the etheric body, exploring its mysteries and significance. This comprehensive course guides you through the realms of energy healing, feeding tube wiring, the construction of energy machines, and personalized healing devices, bridging the physical and etheric realms with hands-on techniques and profound insights. In the Golden Wiring section, students learn about the intricate golden mesh that surrounds and runs through physical and etheric tissues. This mesh acts as an energy template for tissue growth and can be repaired when damaged. The course covers the anatomy and physiology of the golden wiring, including different types of wires and their functions. Repairing the golden mesh is taught through specific vibrations and techniques. The Field Clearing and Repair section introduces advanced techniques for clearing and repairing subtle energy fields. Students learn how to open and release the near, middle, and far fields, and then proceed to clear any non-systemic objects or energy imbalances within the fields. Field collapse and tears are addressed through specific repairs. The final section, Building Energy Structures, focuses on designing and constructing energy machines. Students learn to create various structures such as Room Energy Conditioners, Showerheads, Personal Shields, Personal Supports, and Personal Cleaners. The course provides guidance on designing the purpose, receptacle, structure, materials, power source, and exhaust feature of these energy machines. It’s important to note that the course emphasizes using biofield therapy as a complementary approach to enhance the natural healing process and not as a replacement for medical treatment.

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